Understanding The Newest Type Of Nail Polish

Nail polish is now the best thing in the market when it comes to making your nails beautiful. With around $30 or higher, you can get this kind of nail that would last for about two to three weeks.

About the nail polish.

To apply the gel nail polish kit, the technician would brush your nails with a substance that is gel-like. You would then need to place your hands in a machine that produces ultraviolet lights for at least two minutes. With this machine, the gel polish will end up being hard.

Gel nail polish needs to be attended because any accidents that may happen could lead to fungus or growth of bacteria. To remove the nail polish, you would need to soak your hands in a nail polish remover for about 10 to 15 minutes. The technician will then remove the gel. With all its beauty, this gel-like nail polish has a lot of bad side effects. And dermatologists are asking for the long-term side effects that could injure the users. Some people also say that there could be some serious problems that can happen to people who use it.

•    Short-term side effects
Users of this type of product would have brittle and dry nails. It could easily break and be peeled than your usual nails. This is because of the nail polish remover and also the material that was used.

•    Long-term side effects
Dermatologists are now studying about the long-term side effects that could be received from the ultraviolet lights. Because users rely on the ultraviolet lights to harden the gel, they are more prone to having skin diseases in their hands. Other dermatologists say that users can get cancer because of this device. Gel nail is new in the industry that is why it could be hard for anyone to prove the claims about its serious side effects.

Expert advice
Dermatologists who are trying to study this gel-type nail polish suggest the following for its users:
•    To minimize the damage that your skin might get from the ultraviolet lights, apply a sunscreen in your hands.
•    Suggest to your nail technicians not to over push the cuticle when cleaning your nails because it could increase the chances of getting an infection.
•    When removing the nail polish, do not soak your whole hand in the nail polish remover. Only soak the tips of your fingers where your nails are located.
•    If you want to continuously use this kind of nail polish, try to space the dates apart so that your nails could have some time to regain itself. For more info about UV nail lamp, visit http://www.glazeme.com.au/lamps/

Hair Tips: From Roots To Tip

Throughout every era, hair has been the sign for femininity and appeal. As they always say that hair is women’s crowning glory and can be considered as one of the most precious accessories for humans, especially women. For every type of hair, there is a corresponding hairstyle and treatment suitable for them. Nowadays, people, more likely women are spending most of their time and money on haircuts and unnecessary hair treatments. There are these treatments like hair dyes, hair rebonding, hair spa and other else that if not done well, it could harm and destroy the hair. Everyone wanted a great hair, but some of us are having problems with greasy, frizzy and dry hair so most of us consult hairdresser in Paddington, salon or hair clinic to style and treat our hair. You do not have to spend money to salons because you can follow these hair tips and start to sort out your problems.

Dry Hair
For bristly and dry hairs, you must only wash your hair every other day. Do not use shampoo regularly because it might dry your hair more. You can use baby shampoo or intensive moisturizing shampoo to moisturize your hair into the roots and then rinse them with warm water.

Greasy Hair
For greasy or oily hair, you must not wash your hair daily because it would not make your hair less greasy. Use shampoo which is designed for greasy hairs. Use a very small amount of conditioner or do not use at all because your hair is already moisturized by the natural oils. In washing your hair, you must rinse with hot water, and you can try it with vinegar and lemon then rinse thoroughly with cold water to close the cuticle. Also, avoid eating oily and fatty foods for it can cause more to greasy skin and hair.

Frizzy Hair
The frizzy hair lacks from natural moisturizers for non surgical liposuction for the hair. You must wash your hair every day and use conditioner and shampoo regularly. You can choose from a non-sulfate or a glycerin-packed shampoo to stop the frizzing. After washing, you must let your hair dry by itself then you can brush them to help distribute natural oils.

Hair Loss
Hair loss frequently happens to old guys and new moms. You must still follow a healthy lifestyle to bring nutrients back to your hair. You can ask for dermatologists and doctors to help you out with hair loss. Also, you must avoid unhealthy hair-practices that can cause to more hair loss such as wearing tight hairstyles, applying chemical treatments, blow-drying frequently and drying your hair using rough towels. Hair is surely a manifestation of charm and beauty because it gives a sense of sophistication to our face whenever we try different hairstyles. But you must protect your hair and prevent them from damaging, whether you have dry, greasy or frizzy hair.